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Post Bags

post bags

Don't leave things to chance, when sending through the post. Keep items secure, with our range of post bags.

Items need to arrive without damage, so you should always give your items adequate protection, when sending through the post.

Use our 'Heavy-Weight Jiffy Padded Bags' or a 'Bubble-Lined Mailite Bag' for more security.

If you need your clients name or address printed on the bags, we can do that for you.

All sizes are available from us.

Want to send documents? Why not order our 'Document Enclosed Labelopes' that comes in 4 different sizes.

Our 'Document Enclosed Labelopes' come transparent and water resistant, and can be printed with your logo, or plain if you prefer.

Order your bags over the phone, one of our friendly customer service agents will be happy to help you.

Call: 0333-224-9523

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