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Bubble Wrap & Foam

Bubble Wrap

Protect goods whilst in transit, with bubble wraps or foam wraps.

Keep your goods safe and sound when travelling to their destination.

For the outside of packages, we've got 'Bubble Wrap', including an anti-static option, or 'Cellaire White Foam'

Light in weight, but heavy on protection.

To keep the insides protected, we have 'Loosefill Chips' to fill your boxes with.

Pick from our range of widths, thicknesses and qualities, or give us your own bespoke specifications.

We can even turn the material into perfect sized bags, just pop in the item and away you go!

Order Bubble Wrap, Foam Wrap or Loosefill Chips over the phone today, our friendly customer service will always be happy to help on 0333-224-9523

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